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If you want to use implicit validation for a control, you must set that control's Auto Validate property to .If you cancel the Validating event, the behavior of the control will be determined by what value that you assigned to Auto Validate.

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This approach is useful when you want to give the user immediate feedback about the data as they are working.In this case, to perform validation in the Validated event, change the control's Data Source Update Mode property (under (Databindings)\(Advanced)) from On Validation to Never, and add So when does a control's data get validated? You can use either implicit or explicit validation, depending on the needs of your application.The implicit validation approach validates data as the user enters it.If you have custom validation that takes place after the Validating event, it will not affect the data binding.For example, if you have code in a Validated event that attempts to cancel the data binding, the data binding will still occur.When you use data binding, the data in your control is synchronized with the data source during execution of the Validating event.

If you cancel the Validating event, the data will not be synchronized with the data source.Is there anything in WPF I can use to get the same result, an event raised only after the user is done changing the text?In a Win Form I'm doing initial validation in the Form. To make the code short only three fields are shown in the code.So before saving data, I want to validate whether all the required fields are filled (Text Boxes) by the user. In my windows form projects , i have validated the fields using Boolean method.Find the below sample screen shot for validating the fields before saving the data Img 3: Validation method Here I have validated the fields using the Boolean method, If all the field values are entered properly it will return true, other wise it will return false and will display an error message.For example, if you have a text box that must contain a postal code, you can perform the validation in the following ways: The Validating event is supplied an object of type Cancel Event Args.

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