Updating apple iphone

31-Mar-2016 19:45 by 7 Comments

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We are tracking the story and will update if we hear any more details about this issue.

The "Apple" Company is currently doing a beta testing for new i OS 10.3 which be released to the Apple users soon, this is to ensure that no one will be able to downgrade or jailbreak their "i Phone".i OS 10 has just dropped but it seems like it is not smooth sailing for everyone.We have received many reports that users are finding their i Phone and i Pad devices ‘bricked’ after attempting the over-the-air i OS 10 update.According to Forbes, there are three major problems in updating the Apple i Phone i OS Firmware 10.2.1, the top on the list is Breaking Touch ID for i Phone 6 and i Phone 6 , second is Shifting Display Brightness and the last is Bluetooth Reliability.It all started in i OS 8 and it officially returns in 10.2.1.It also hit 9to5Mac’s own Seth Weintraub who is currently sitting in front of a non-functional i Pad.

The problem arises after waiting on the black i OS loading screen progress bar for a few minutes. Twitter is flooded with reports about people experiencing the exact same issue.The good news is there does not seem to be any permanent damage, but it is very inconvenient to have to mess around with i Tunes after all this time.Apple's just-launched i OS 10 update got off to a rough start Tuesday afternoon.According to widespread complaints across social media, many i Phone and i Pad users ran into installation problems.For some, the update process failed with a subsequent error message asking users to plug their i OS device into a PC or Mac for a complete restore of the operating system.Some of the reason why they jailbreak i Phone is because of the issues and bugs.