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Two of the most common concerns are past sexual partners and STI’s. Oftentimes men use the number of partners question as a litmus test for paternity assurance.For instance, someone may say: [Read: Fighting Feelings of Failure … It’s not life-threatening, but it’s not curable either. I don’t want to scare him away, but I also don’t want him to feel I’ve kept a secret from him. Please help.” So here’s the deal: [Read: What Is Feminism Today? They have a double-standard Geiger counter that says, “She’s been with *how* many men?! ” With other issues, such as how many times you’ve been divorced, or whether you were sexually abused, or have an STI, the timing is tricky.

Launched in November 2012, True View is a small start-up based in the heart of East London’s Tech City after graduating from the Telefonica/O2 Wayra Acadmacy.

We don’t want to lie by omission to someone who might be right for us, possibly alienating them or running afoul of our own moral compass.

But neither do we want to tell all too soon and be rejected, humiliated, denigrated or have our secret blabbed to others by someone who later turns out to be wrong.

v=E_guy-i2BTE In graduate school, I became an expert on lasers, devices that produce intense beams of exceptionally pure light.

So, it's only natural that I sometimes use lasers as metaphors for how our minds work.

So there is a sizable chance that your partner may be infected too.

An STI conversation, with each partner disclosing his or her conditions, if any, will benefit both of you.If so, please review our Training Schedule and sign up for one of the free introductions to learn more.We look forward to sharing these life enriching and practical skills with you.You want to wait for sex until conversations like these (and possibly blood tests) are a done deal. For everyone, timing disclosure to match the actual level of intimacy and commitment does more than protect your partner.It protects your emotions and you’re worth protecting. Either sex can head for the hills if they hear a secret too soon.I find the metaphor useful in understanding why some of us suffer as much as we do, and in charting a course towards more delightful ways of being.

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