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Karaoké Mania : ce soir c’est vous qui prenez le micro ! Une véritable mini boite de nuit pour faire connaissance en toute tranquillité. Pour vous chauffer la voix, une bière ou un verre de vin ou un soft avant d’attraper le micro !

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It was at this point that famed recording studio Fania Records researched American cultural awareness and discovered that 94% of gringos viewed all of Latin America as a homogeneous cultural blob.

Salsa is a Latin-American musical style characterized by complex arrangements using diverse instruments such as pianos, trumpets, sticks, stones and petrified vegetables.

The rebranding in 1937 of what was originally called "mambo" was a stroke of marketing genius by the original Mambo King, Tito Puente, who recognized that cool.

The purpose of the lesson is to give beginners a false sense of confidence that they've actually learned something before the regular crowd arrives, kidnaps their gringas and subjects them to male lap dancing.

When a newbie male sees two seasoned dancers and says, "I wish I could tap that!

Last year's 2016 bash was huge and amazingly fun, but we have spent all year planning to make our 2017 celebration that much better.

Buy tickets now because this New Year's Eve DC gala sells out far in advance each year, and you do not want to miss out on what we have in store for you!" it is the perfect opportunity for the instructor to market his or her 0-per-hour private salsa lessons.As with other partner dances, the onus is traditionally on the man to ask a woman to dance.Travel from country to country all in one night while never leaving our gala. celebration offers such a complete combination of activities to one central location. Check out our video from last year to see why our New Year's Gala is so amazing: Professionals in the City hosts more than 1,000 events every year, but our extravagant New Year's Eve DC party is our largest of them all. entry ticket that includes the open bar and does not include food.Our gala features festivities from destinations all around the world and traditions and experiences like no other. Make a visit to our New York City Room where you can not only dance the night away, but also enjoy dance lessons for couples early in the evening at our New Year's Eve in DC celebration.In a similar flash of brilliance, famed percussionist Guillermo Férrel infused salsa with its trademark cowbell, securing its adoption by the Ruler of the Known Universe, Christopher Walken.