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Or attend date night at the Clay Studio so you and your date can re-enact Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze’s scenes in . Passyunk’s Laurel are tough to come by, so head over to its sister establishment, ITV.Its sleek, dark bar is perfect for chilly nights when you want fabulous food and pleasant conversation. It’s hard to be bummed about the cold weather when there’s a piping hot pizza pie to share with your sweetheart.

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He was taken to the Centre County Correctional Facility.

The cover fee entitles you to drink specials and seats to the lecture. Get on Boku Supper Club’s email list so you’ll be notified when tickets to its exclusive supper parties go on sale.

Follow Food Underground on Facebook to keep up with its city-wide events.

The Curtis Center regularly has free student concerts and the Opera Philadelphia offers rush tickets at a steep discount.

Paint Nite tells you where you can get your Bob Ross on and paint happy little trees.

Sample a few varieties and decide if it’s worth the hype.

Nothing like loving (or hating) the same thing to set the night ablaze.The Penn State and Catholic Clergy Abuse scandals demonstrate the need for every large institution to have clear policies and practices with respect to adult contact with minors.Even if the institution does not directly cater its activities towards children, most large institutions encounter situations where adults regularly or tangentially have contact with minors on their premises or situations where adult employees are supervising or monitoring children.The younger Sandusky was arrested in the Bellefonte, Centre County home of a woman he was dating, according to a criminal complaint.He allegedly sent the text messages to two children of the woman whom he was dating. When the first victim refused to send him pictures, Sandusky allegedly asked him to delete the conversation, the documents state.No winter date list would be complete without mentioning your ice skating options.