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Produced by NHS Leeds this Teaching Pack gives a session by session guide covering 12 sessions for teaching children and young people with Learning Disabilities about Puberty and Sexuality. Training pack Aimed at professionals working with people with learning disabilities.

Relationships can bring pleasure and boost self-esteem and confidence, but they also involve risks such as being hurt, pregnancy, HIV and Aids.

Remind them they are in control of their body and no one else has the right to kiss/touch them unless they agree to it. Do they feel confident enough to say 'No' if they are not ready? Do they know about where to get it and how to use it?

Do they understand when/where it is appropriate to be intimate with their partner?

Subjects covered include pregnancy, contraception and relationships.

Produced by NHS Fife using pictures produced by CHANGE to explain each stage of pregnancy in a clear and simple way. The information is available free on a CD rom from Angela Howie.

It can be helpful for a person with learning disabilities to be accompanied by a friend or support worker in the early stages of a new relationship.

Explain to the person with a learning disability that this doesn't mean they will sit in between them on a romantic date, but could sit in the same cafe reading a book whilst the date takes place, so still be close at hand for support when needed.

Access to good quality information and advice is very important.

This info pack rounds up the best resources, services, information and advice that is available surrounding this sensitive subject.

A 'Private' sign could be placed on the door if this makes the person you are talking to feel more comfortable and relaxed in discussing subjects they may find difficult.

Be prepared to explain things bit by bit instead of bombarding people with a lot of information all at once. If you are working with a group, is the group made up of people who will learn at a similar pace? If you are working with a group, try role play, re-capping and asking direct questions, for eg at the start of a new session, ask each individual, "Can you tell me one thing we talked about last week?

That gets all the 'Boobs' and 'Tits' and giggling out of the way and seems to relax people to talk more openly.