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She is student at a private school, resident of Korangi and originally hails from Sindh's district Mithi.

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Those who follow the ancient tradition of the third gender, which is only partly defined by the prefix “trans,” often come from lower social classes and usually live as women in clans, so called communities, under the governance of an older trans woman.

It includes sections of rape and attempt to murder.

An initial statement recorded with the police states that the girl is either eight or nine years old.

The hospital also prepared the medico-legal report of the incident.

The minor child’s maternal uncle reached the Ibrahim Haideri police station and transferred the case upon his name, police said.

According to details available to Geo News, her body bore severe torture marks around the neck and hands.

Additional Police Surgeon Dr Iqrar confirmed that the girl was subjected to sexual assault.

Clandestine alcohol is poured from soda bottles and someone cranks up the music. Occasionally, they are gently reminded not to take photographs, but it doesn’t take long until someone else pulls out his phone.

Kami, a co-organizer of the festival, has donned an elegant black dress. Transgender people, especially trans women, have long occupied a mythological and socio-biological grey zone in South Asia.

In 2012, Pakistan became one of only eleven countries to offer a third-gender option on Pakistani identity cards.

Traditionally, this third gender was known as the in India, Hindu mythology says that the god Rama granted them the ability to bestow blessings in return for their loyalty.

The air conditioning blasts into the humid summer night as Kami puts her constantly buzzing phone aside and straightens her sleeveless jumpsuit.

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