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exposed a security vulnerability in some models of Trendnet home security cameras.

Several of these residential use cameras were aimed at a crib, suggesting that these were being used as baby monitors or even "nanny cams" to monitor childcare workers.The post was meant to goad people into insulting him for his poor taste, but the thread quickly changed as commenters remembered how fun it was to watch those feeds that they had discovered the week before.Apart from the nudity, the camera that garnered the most 4chan rage showed an empty living room that featured a large Christmas tree: users decried how lazy this family must be to still have the tree up a month after the holiday.On Reddit, the comments express concern over the unethical nature of this type of voyeurism: "this is no different than posting private information about individuals.Should be removed." On another message board, a user wrote, "the first one I tried showed a child's playpen, lake [sic] a nanny cam or something.Links to the compromised feeds spread quickly on message boards like Reddit and 4chan, where the adolescent quest for the surreptitiously-viewed nipple kicked into high gear.

Of course, nudity was found: a woman taking off her pajamas in her bedroom, a young mother standing next to a baby crib at night.

I immediately shut the window and regret ****ing with this, I thought it would be parking lots and skyscrapers and ****, not residential cameras." I first discovered the leaked camera feeds on 4chan on January 21, but it was clear that users had already known about them for some time.

The thread had started out as a troll — someone posted a screenshot of his browser displaying one of the cameras, with his other browser tabs conspicuously open to sites 4channers would find distasteful (Reddit, a My Little Pony fan blog, icanhazcheeseburger).

"This information will also be in our monthly newsletter this month which has extensive reach." These days, online privacy concerns revolve mostly around your choice in how companies use your data.

Those stakes may be high for companies like Facebook or Google that want to profit from your data, but relatively low for the average user.

The lack of a phone number thwarted their plans to call him up and watch as he answered.

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