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Every year since the early 1980s, the United Nations (UN) has passed a resolution on the Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space.But these initiatives were neither entirely clear nor sufficiently comprehensive to meet all of these challenges.

The possibility of large scale and potentially highly destructive military conflict between the (space) superpowers always lurked in the background.

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Even more worrying, recent trends in technological development have underlined that serious threats to global security exist in this final frontier.

This is due to the strategic value of outer space and the dependence of militaries on space assets for their operations.It also declared that the moon and celestial bodies must be explored and used “exclusively for peaceful purposes”.Most space law scholars would interpret this as prohibiting military activities in outer space.Some of this may be termed passive military activities in outer space.This includes the provision of supporting communications, imaging and location assistance through satellite technology.We, @The Holiday Spot, provide with a unique kissing guide. A kiss planted at the appropriate moment and at the right place can lead to an amazing passion between two individuals.