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But the pictures we see are completely unrealistic; they’re very Photoshopped.

She’s exhibited in the US, the Netherlands and Germany.“I have to let them know that the images will be online, she says.“You see these little tiny thumbnails and they look more real when they’re smaller. I’m honestly surprised that they are so comfortable with it.” Social media has completely transformed life for young artists like Chapin – allowing them to share ideas and engage with their fans - and detractors.“I don’t want them to go into it not wanting to,” she explains.“I ask them to close their eyes and take a deep breath.“They are more in your personal space.” To the outsider, it looks as though it’s Chapin who’s really been invading personal space.

But she assures me that she’s never had to ‘persuade’ any of her subjects to strip-off.

“I almost don’t even see nakedness anymore; I’m so used to it.” She does admit that a few women went through “difficulty” when they first saw themselves depicted in paint.

But nothing could have prepared them for the public reaction. “That’s the hardest bit for us all – having personal pictures out there.” It’s an issue that every modern artist must now tackle – the presence of his, or hers, subjects on the internet.

“I’m at the age where many of my friends are having children, thinking about having children, or thinking about not having children.

So it’s something that’s happening now,” explains Chapin.

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