Paris holidays french dating site

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Paris holidays french dating site

‘I’d rather see it as me being presented as some sort of source of amusement and fun, a ‘service’ of sort, LOL,’ he types.David, who signed up in October 2012, likes the ‘seduction game’ which carries with it the ‘fun’ of the experience, he finds.

‘A typical man today is a hunter who adapts himself to new-age approaches, or meeting in digital supermarkets in this case,’ says Jules.

The 'concept is simple', runs the manifesto on ‘’: ‘the customer is king, and he is queen – respect to the women.

In this supermarket of hook-ups, the gals strike the bargain deals.’ Three male members of the dating site explain how the groove has been got on for their generation in this e-fashion since 2008 I can’t tell whether the hyper-feminist vision that the ‘adopt-a-guy’ (the English translation of website gives out is ironic or part of the art of surfering the consumer wave.

The girls get first and only digs: they decide whether they will be meeting up with Bogoss78 () or Misterlove.

Men are presented as products and are graded by girls for their assets – be it in massage, DIY or culinary skills – and their ‘accessories’ (a double bed, or a car for example).‘Adopt’ knows it is being tongue-in-cheek.

Jules also remarks how it was far easier to grab a girl’s attention on the website when you post that you live in Paris, as opposed to the suburbs.

After all the laurels that such a site rests on are those little white lies that make your life seem more more appealing and thus seductive.

Ultimately the secret behind ‘Adopt’ is its staying true to the strange idea of the rapport between sexes, leaving it to the men to come up with the evening’s plans, and making women mistresses of the table.

When you think about romance, decadence, and falling in love, the first place you might think of is France, more specifically Paris.

‘Of course' he adds, his longest relationships have been with girls that he has met IRL (in real life).

That little ‘of course’ is a nod to nights out at bars, office couplings or dating mutual friends.'In a way it’s almost more respectful than how it usually plays out in real life or in a club'Maxime is a former 'Adopt' user who says he found love on the website.

Three twenty-something men who are subscribed as potential lover boys tell us that they liken the portal to any consumerist site, which has both its good and bad sides.