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Online dating lyrics - speed dating deals nyc

Quoting Nietzsche versus Oscar Wilde tells a lot about you.If you quote Trent Reznor versus Willie Nelson, it also speaks to the type of person you are.

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The first impression only happens once, and your first sentence is the first thing someone learns about your personality.

Did that same person also , flipping through pictures of his ex and speculating wildly about her new man, all these new girls she's hanging out with and all the exotic locations she's geotagging.

He's being super careful not to accidentally double-tap a pic, and congratulating himself because clearly this girl is thirsty. Yes, there is a lot of ridiculous and scandalous media surrounding this subject and the (very real) fear of an unsolicited nude.

It is no coincidence I just quoted a famous philosopher to start my conversation on using quotes in dating profiles. For one, it’s an easy to way to express yourself and your innermost thoughts.

Furthermore, who or what you’re quoting speaks to the kind of person you are.

I quoted Seneca, which sets a tone a little different than if I had quoted Ozzy Osbourne.

(Authors note: I could not find any quotes or lyrics from Ozzy about quotes, hence Seneca.) Roll around with some of your favorite quotes and lyrics and see if they can set the tone for how you want to talk about yourself in your dating profile.Most rappers market themselves through their lyrics, purporting to be the best, the greatest, the most important artist on Earth.But few are able to infuse their grandiose musings with as much self-awareness and humor as Drake.Try something like, “My grandparents met on, so I felt like this was a good way to keep a family tradition alive.” Or say this, “They say we are all made of stars, so if you like stars, then we are already off to a good start.” If you are not naturally witty or don’t care for humor at all, you don’t need to reinvent the writing wheel. There are thousands of years of brilliant, or even lucky, writers who have held every emotion you have and expressed it better than you could. “I shall never be ashamed of citing a bad author if the line is good.”~ Seneca I have my clients give me movie quotes, author quotes or song lyrics that resonate with them.It’s a surprisingly effective way to get someone to reveal how they feel about life and love.What you say and how you say it can determine if someone stays on your profile or clicks to find someone else.