Online dating for single dads

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One of the first questions single dads wrestle with is when to start dating again after divorce — or becoming a widower.

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The solution, Fisher says, is to fine-tune your scheduling skills.Men just need to be open to meeting someone.” Once you do meet someone, and you like her enough to date her on an ongoing basis, when is it a good time to introduce her to your kids?According to Fisher, to say men are reluctant to make introductions is an understatement.The good news is, they are no longer a tiny minority: One in every 45 fathers now heads a household by himself, a number that is up by an astonishing 62 percent in the last 10 years.And just as the bookstore shelves are stocked with treatises offering help to single moms, written advice is now also available to support single dads in their romantic forays.When my daughter cried, used scissors inappropriately, refused to sleep or otherwise behaved like, well, a kid, I was mortified.

And then I met someone with a child of his own — someone her age. While the girls watched videos or played outside, we would simultaneously make dinner and surreptitiously make out.

Hopefully he’ll make up for it when you are alone, after teeth are brushed, bedtime stories are read and doors are closed.

Jane Ganahl is author of Naked on the Page: The Misadventures of My Unmarried Midlife, editor of the anthology Single Woman of a Certain Age, journalist of two decades, and codirector of San Francisco’s Litquake literary festival.

And to this day I get all mushy when I see an unmarried father tending his kids.

Like dating when you’re a single mom, life for single dads is also complicated — and men have hurdles of their own to overcome.

“Most men think they should wait on introductions until things are serious,” she says.