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A large series of new ultrafiltered bone radiocarbon dates were obtained from a range of cutmarked bones and artefacts from several layers through the site.

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Filming at the ORAU was the last day of the shooting and prior to it Sir David and his team enjoyed a special lunch put on in the Warden's lodgings at Keble college.Staff and students at the RLAHA had the chance to chat to David during afternoon tea in the lab.19/10/2010 The theory that later Neanderthals might have been sufficiently advanced to fashion jewellery and tools similar to those of incoming modern humans has suffered a setback.The publications were widely reported in the press: BBC news Guardian Science Daily Telegraph New Scientist New York Times The Independent Discovery News You can access the papers in here: Higham et al: The earliest evidence for anatomically modern humans in northwestern Europe Benazzi, Douka et al: Early dispersal of modern humans in Europe and implications for Neanderthal behaviour This site has a 3D reconstruction of the CT-scanned KC4 maxilla.In April 2011 we ran a 2 day meeting to present the results of our NERC-funded Radiocarbon dating of the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic transition using ultrafiltration AMS project.We think that there has probably been some physical disturbance which has disrupted the proper sequence of the layers.

This means that any chronological interpretation from this site should be viewed with caution'‘Our study raises questions about the link between Neanderthals and the tools and jewellery found in the Châtelperronian levels.Despite Egypt’s historical significance, in the past the dating of events has been a contentious undertaking with Egyptologists relying on various different chronologies.The radiocarbon dating provides some resolution on the dates and nails down a chronology that is broadly in line with previous estimates.On the Saturday we organised an Open Day of lectures, and a tour of the AMS facilities.sp.) As part of the new programme, the BBC decided to obtain a direct radiocarbon age. Tom Higham was lead author on the first paper which was concerned with the dating and analysis of the KC4 maxilla from the site of Kent's Cavern, in Devon (above left).

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