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Later, she clarifies her intentions: “I don’t want someone who is going to try to get laid on the first date. Sometimes the contestants go barefoot when walking on the beach or through the jungle, other times they wear socks and sneakers.You know, I want the romance.” As far as romance goes, the following staged dating activities are done naked, to varying aesthetic and practical results: conga playing, bird-watching, water skiing, water tubing, A., salsa dancing, horseback riding, spearfishing, paddleboarding, zip-lining. Safety helmets are allowed at times, as are hats: one pair wears matching pith helmets on a nature walk; another sports Stetsons.

Proving that viewers want to see stripped romance down to its fleshy core, VH1 has renewed Dating Naked following a jump in the show’s ratings.To get the venom out and save the man’s life doctors were forced to cut open and remove a 5-inch-wide, foot-long chunk of the man’s flesh.While audiences became aware of this gruesome reality (WARNING: click here to see the gross picture Bear Grylls tweeted of the injury), Shelton’s partner in Costa Rica, 40-year-old Shane Lewis broke three toes on his fourth day in the jungle but the audience was only told that had hurt his foot.Or, as the contestant Taryn puts it, “It’s crazy to me to see that there’s so many different types of guys, as far as their package goes, and all that.” “Dating Naked” joins a list of other nudity-themed reality shows, either already on the air or in the works.There’s “Naked and Afraid,” a show in which two contestants are released into the wild, where they must perform “Survivor”-style challenges; “Buying Naked,” in which nudists go house hunting; and “Skin Wars,” which is about body painting.And dating, at least as practiced by these folks, is decidedly unsexy.

Nakedness can be grim, especially when hanging from a zip line in broad daylight, no matter how inclined you may be to fall in love. The human body comes in an astounding, and sometimes daunting, array of shapes and sizes.

And, for a naked dating show, there are plenty of covered moments back at the so-called Jungle Villa (Clothing Optional), where the contestants, contrary to the spirit of the show, seem to get to know each other better when seeing less of one another.

It has been widely noticed, by everyone from die-hard nudists to occasional gym-goers, that there isn’t much sexy about being naked in a nonsexual situation.

Deadline reports the reality series—which features a substantial amount of eye contact, given the circumstances—was renewed for a third season just days ahead of the season two finale.

The first season of Dating Naked paired heterosexual couples in the buff who, free of distractions like clothes and phones, got down to the business of romancing each other on camera.

The second season, Dating Naked: Playing For Keeps, mirrored real-life dating even more closely by having different nude people compete weekly for a spot on an island with two main naked daters.