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Being unproven, it may not be the bombshell it was intended to be. If Mr Steele were a rogue private operative, that would be troubling enough. I have no doubt that MI6 must have had full knowledge of his role in researching and then assembling his dossier, before offering it to Trump’s political enemies.

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Whether true or not, the material suggests that the Kremlin has other documentation which it could use to blackmail Trump.

Meanwhile, the American tycoon-turned-politician is accused of being too friendly with Russian businessmen and Kremlin power-brokers.

In other words, British spy chiefs gave the green light to a scheme intended to destroy the man who would be President of the United States of America.

Like most people, I find it very hard to comprehend this.

In May 2008, Jason James, head of the British Council in Tokyo, ordered a print from the gallery of Sir Nicholas Serota Makes an Acquisitions Decision, Thomson's "infamous" painting of Tate gallery director, Sir Nicholas Serota, with a view to unveiling it during Serota's forthcoming visit.

In June 2008, the gallery opened Go Figure a figurative exhibition by nine artists including Diarmuid Byron O'Connor, Beth Carter, Mila Judge Furstova, Gay Ribisi, Dormice, Carmen Giraldez, Charles Thomson, Thomas Ostenberg and Paul Normansell.MI6 is licensed by the British government to break the law and carry out illicit acts on the assumption that it always acts in the British national interest.This is allowed under the Intelligence Services Act 1994. As always, it is overwhelmingly in Britain’s interest to develop and maintain excellent relations with the American government — particularly as we negotiate Brexit.Either way, this is an unprecedented position for an American president to be in.As for the Steele dossier, it was undoubtedly calculated to stop Trump being elected leader of the most powerful country in the Western world.But it is the only interpretation which makes any sense of the facts as we know them.

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    He has given specialist instruction to the New York Police Department, South African Police Force, Indianapolis Police Department, Merced County Sheriff Department and SWAT team (during which he operated as team leader of a National Sheriff Associations special operations team for the program “The Sheriff”) as well as various military and government agencies including marines and private military in Iraq, special forces groups in Kabul and northern Afghanistan, Cambodian special forces, French Foreign Legion, Afghan National Army CID (in Mazar e Sharif Afghanistan), Hungarian and Latvian intelligence and military, Mongolian Quick Reaction Force stationed in Kabul, Croation special forces, Italian air force etc.