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If you've looked at porn online (which we pretty much all have), you've likely been propositioned by advertisements for cam girl networks.

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Whatever the case, you'll have to stream yourself through a web cam portal, one of the massive sites that catalogues thousands of models and acts as a go-between between customer and model.

I put all of the paint scrapings into the bucket so there wasn’t a mess.

Re-apply the stripper to the leftover areas of the dresser that still have paint after scraping & let sit again.

The women wait for you to start staring, and, just when you're interested, they hit you up for money.

You've seen them sitting at their keyboards, wearing barely anything, winking at you, typing to nobody in particular with thin, lethargic arms: bored and conventionally beautiful.

For that reason I do not always strip furniture pieces or choose to buy furniture pieces that will need to be stripped.

There are times though that I do strip furniture pieces & I happened to do one recently for our guest bedroom so I wanted to show you how to strip painted furniture while I show you the before & after of the dresser for the room.

I am not one to be very high maintenance while painting furniture.

I like to take the least steps as possible for the best outcome.

It's a massive catalogue of preening women of every variety: big, skeletal, black, white, Asian, American, Greek, Czech, etc.

To find them, look no further than the Big Three of cam girl delight: Streamate, Live Jasmine and My Free Cams.

Remember this is the way I do it & it works very well for me, but each furniture piece is different and will require more or less steps which you will discover as you are stripping your own furniture pieces. I used a plastic scraper from Lowes, but there are many options & again each one will vary for the job you are needing done. I applied the citristrip with a rag, you can apply with a brush or another method, but the rag worked perfect for me. As you get to the end of stripping the paint off you may come across a few stubborn spots. This is great for cleaning up any leftover paint or stripper off of your piece of furniture.

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