Husband humiliation cuckolding and dating

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Husband humiliation cuckolding and dating - Online dating phone sex tips

As she puts it I cant sport fuck, I have to have an emotional attraction as well as a physical attraction.

Cuckolding wives can be a very extreme activity for some people but this doesn’t mean that this activity doesn’t have rules that the couples should follow.

As she said, if I want raw sex Ill come to you but when I want romantic Ill go to him (or them).

Before we left to go to the airport she handed me a pair of panties and instructed me to wear them all the time she was gone (well she gave me a few pairs to wear).

I sleep with a raging hard-on every night and wake up with it every morning knowing where she is and what she's doing.

I also think it has had the opposite effect she said it would.

They have already made plans on how often they will meet. The last week prior to her flying out last night has been interesting to say the least. She has continuously reminded me how cuddly and romantic the few days with him was going to be.

As I stated I had to buy her a ticket to go see her new boy toy. I am sure I will hear every detail when she gets home.

So we posted in the local Craig’s List :”Cuckold couple seeking Bull” as always we got a tremendous amount of replies, most were a waste of time but one caught our eye. Read More It has now been one month since I was introduced to cuckolding. Rick my current lover has been everything and more.

My husband tom has been a very good submissive spouse...

This time she has made it very clear what her intentions are.

She plans on getting very emotionally involved with her new boyfriend and says she may even find another one.

Shes not looking for a one night stand but a lasting relationship, or should I say relationships. The sex is great between us but she says thats all it is and she needs more.