Geek dating flow chart

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Geek dating flow chart - consolidating airline points

Not too much - that's the fungus approach, where you become her best friend for a year before asking her out. Look her in the eye and say, "I know how you mentioned you liked foreign films. Nonverbal signs: No or broken eye contact, nervous, jittery smile, body turns away from you; hands on face, pushing back hair or touching forehead or chin. Wait for her response: (A) She says, "Oh, no, I'd love to go on a date. I hope you understand." If you get response (B), you have just let her off the hook. You have endeared yourself to her, which means a lot to her, even if she did say no. " "I haven't seen you in red before -- you look great!That might have worked in adolescence, but no more. "A little" means you should spend at least five minutes talking with her, as much as five weeks. You have to know her at least as well enough to be able to have an idea of what she'd like to do on a date. There is a Fellini film festival at the art house this weekend; would you like to go on to one of the shows on Saturday afternoon? She will most likely respond in one of three ways: (A) With an enthusiastic yes. Verbal signs: Long pause, "Ummm;" or questions, which means she is stalling for time: "Hm, Saturday, did you say? I guess you took me by surprise, but, really, it sounds like fun! Remember when you hit that guy's old VW bug in the bank parking lot when you were sixteen and he said, "Don't worry about it, son, it's an old car," and you almost fainted with relief because your dad would never have to know? So end it smoothly and gentlemanly by saying, "I understand. " You don't want to be bookmarked; you want to make this real. " You will be starting the date well by making her feel special right away.

Doesn't everybody have a special interest in something?

Dan Martell posted this EXCELLENT graphical flowchart called “The Evolution of the Geek” over on Flowtown. Would there be a meta chart where different nerds were obsessing over the accuracy of the flow structure? Follow this link to see a larger version over on Flowtown’s site.

A flowchart is a tool for examining processes, programmes and systems.

BEFORE YOU COMMIT TO DATING 1) Accept that you will be the pursuer.

If you are not used to this because you are shy, adjust yourself to the fact that you must change your ways or continue to play Quake II on Saturday nights.

But if you forgot to do that, call the next day and tell her you had a great time and ask if she's available for dinner/movie/whatever next Saturday.

If you liked her but are not sure when you will see her again, call her when she is not home and leave a message on her answering machine that you had a great time and that you look forward to seeing her again soon.

They are commonly used in business or economic presentations to help the audience visualize what the presentation is about. You identify the process or system, you highlight the various stages involved in the process/system, you identify any decisions to be made and you construct the flowchart.

In the below example, the start of the flowchart is denoted by a terminal, there is then a decision to be made which is denoted by the triangle. Efficiency increases, technical processes are described to untrained users and presenters can provide large amounts of information Flowcharts are useful but they can be funny too!

If you are not used to being the pursuer because women come to you, why are you reading this?

2) Accept the fact that dating comes with some natural awkwardness.

This is the process that we use to solve problems in programming.