Excel run macro without updating screen

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Excel run macro without updating screen

When Access runs a macro, screen updating often shows information not essential to the functioning of the macro.

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Weight = xl Medium End With ' testing for top or bottom cell If (n Target Row = 4) Then ' top row With Selection . Weight = xl Medium End With Else If ((Worksheets("History Seeding").

It also shows the use of a conditional expression with the Msg Box, Go To Control, and Stop Macro actions.

This macro should be attached to the Review Products button on the Suppliers form.

When the macro finishes, Access automatically turns echo back on and repaints the window.

The No setting for the Echo On argument doesn't affect the functionality of the macro or its results.

What I would like it to do is during the execution of the code, as it finishes each cell, it turns off the formatting on the cell.

That user then sees that the cell has been unselected prior to advancing to the next step. Color Index = 4) Then ' setting start date variable d Start Date = "01/01" & Worksheets("History Seeding"). Value ' testing for first monday If (Weekday(d Start Date, 2) 2) Then d Start Date = d Start Date (8 - Weekday(d Start Date, 2)) d Current Date = d Start Date End If ' testing for data path If (s Data Path = "") Then ' parsing in public data path s Data Path = Get Config Info("SQLite Data Path") End If ' setting query string for job info s Sql = "SELECT * From Job Info WHERE Job_ID = " & Worksheets("History Seeding"). Value & ";" ' opening cursor Call Get Data2(s Sql) ' setting query string for frequency s Sql = "SELECT * From Job Frequency WHERE Frequency_ID = " & c Records2! Value & ";" ' opening cursor Call Get Data3(s Sql) ' determining the number of iterations Select Case c Records3! Value Case 0.33 Or 1 ' Once per Shift or Daily n Iterations = 365 Case 2 ' Every other Day n Iterations = 188 Case 7 ' Weekly n Iterations = 52 Case 14 ' Bi-Weekly n Iterations = 26 Case 30 ' Monthly n Iterations = 12 Case 60 ' Every Other Month n Iterations = 6 Case 90 ' Quarterly n Iterations = 4 Case 180 ' Semi-Annually n Iterations = 2 Case 360 ' Annually n Iterations = 1 End Select ' setting query string for job info s Sql = "SELECT * From Job History;" ' opening cursor Call Get Data1(s Sql) ' starting year loop For n Year Loop = 1 To n Iterations ' adding history to database *Row ID used for unique id auto increment field c Records1.

The Echo action doesn't suppress the display of modal dialog boxes, such as error messages, or pop-up forms, such as property sheets.

You can use dialog boxes and pop-up forms to gather or display information, even if echo is turned off.

The Go To Control action then moves the focus to the Category ID field, where you can begin to enter data for the new product.

This macro should be attached to the Add Products button on the Suppliers form.

To run the Echo action in a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) module, use the Echo method of the Do Cmd object.