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These kinds of relationship systems have seen steady popularity growth in the West as well, because, though there are dating elements, the games aren't pure dating sims and they still strongly resemble the role-playing games many of us grew up with.

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A recent study in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior confirmed this and also indicated that millennials were more likely to have and talk about having casual sex since they spend more of their young adulthood unmarried and therefore have more opportunities for it.

That means that 10,000 people not only played the game, but were openly willing to talk about and recommend it to other people without any noticeable shame!

Even places like Gamasutra, a website geared toward game developers, are publishing things like in-depth comparisons between polyamorous sexual encounters in games like and those in real life.

Players of these games are becoming more open about their sexual gaming experiences, and it has made dating sims as accessible as any other genre.

And that same type of open conversation has already taken over traditional Western role-playing games without most people even noticing.

But what if I told you that all of us have probably been playing dating games for the past 10 years and you didn't even notice?

Some of the biggest and most popular, award-winning games are secretly dating games which use other genres as padding to distract you from what you really care about: sex and love.Dating sims are acceptable now, and those who don't think so have already been enjoying them in their RPGs without thinking about it.With players who are more open about their sexual experiences and have more access to the genre, we're finally in an era where anyone can play dating sims without feeling self-conscious.From a writing perspective, it's much easier to make a character interesting when you can give the player the option to actually get to know them romantically just like they would want to in real life. which are big enough to warrant their own guides, were not nearly as prominent as the rest of the game's features, yet the biggest takeaway among many fans was the romance aspect.It connected them more deeply with the characters than any other parts of the game. If you didn't know the games and you overheard most of these in-group conversations, you'd honestly think they were all playing pure dating sims.Sex and talking about sex is just another Tuesday now, so seeing it turn up in our games as well should only feel natural to us.