Dwight howard still dating dee dee rosemond

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Dwight howard still dating dee dee rosemond

What if Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosemond, isn’t a government informant after all, but the target of a smear campaign by Chuck Philips, the journalist who ruined his own reputation, by writing a farfetched expose in the Los Angeles Times charging that Biggie, Puffy and Rosemond were part of a team that orchestrated the 1994 attack on Tupac Shakur? Apparently we’re not the only ones who’ve received that information either.Since Daily News reports ran suggesting that Jimmy Henchmen aka Jimmy Rosemond was a government informant, Bossip has been contacted by several sources saying that not only are those allegations untrue — but the source of the rumors is a writer with a long simmering beef with Rosemond that stems back to the old East Coast/West Coast feud that claimed the lives of Notorious B. According to Rap Fix.com: Last month, The NY Daily News ran a story claiming that Rosemond was a “snitch” in several court cases.

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That, more than anything, explains how Aaron Gordon got "robbed" of his rightful crown during the 2016 Slam Dunk Contest in Toronto.“One of Rosemond’s former lawyers even cited his repeated cooperation with the authorities in asking for leniency in a Los Angeles gun case.He noted that Rosemond’s dime-dropping helped Brooklyn prosecutors send a man to jail—exactly what the “stop snitching” campaign rails against.” In response, hip-hop heavyweights like Wyclef Jean, Fab 5 Freddy and Eric B.In the case of a tie at the fifth position of either team, the roster is expanded.If the first team consists of six players due to a tie, the second team will still consist of five players with the potential for more expansion in the event of additional ties.The players each receive two points for each first team vote and one point for each second team vote.

The top five players with the highest point total make the first team, with the next five making the second team.

One source told us that former Los Angeles Times writer Chuck Phillips has been doing his best to be the undoing of Henchmen ever since his obsession with Tupac and Biggie cost him his job at the Times after he wrote a controversial piece using documents that were proven to be fabricated.

“Rosemond has given information at least three times to state and federal law enforcement officials since the mid-1990s, documents reveal,” wrote Alison Gendar in the paper.

Gordon elevated the art of leaping over mascots by soaring over Stuff the Magic Dragon legs-first, grabbing the ball from Stuff's hands beneath his rear end and finishing with a left-handed windmill as he scooted on through."That's been my dream all my life to compete in an NBA Dunk Contest, and I'm at a loss for words," Gordon said, per Magic.com's Josh Cohen.

The NBA All-Rookie Team is an annual National Basketball Association (NBA) honor given since the 1962–63 NBA season to the top rookies during the regular season.

The Orlando Magic forward unleashed what may be the most mind-blowing feat in dunk contest history..he didn't do it last.