Dating the enermy

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The movie has described as “head-scratching,” “mysterious,” and “gloriously enigmatic.” As one critic put it, “I kinda dug it but I have no idea if it’s any good or what happened or where I am anymore and what aiiiiiiiieeeeeeee that last sound/shot.” This was my first reaction as well, but one thing critics haven’t done thus far—probably because they’re confined to the spoiler-free zone of the review—is offer a theory that tries to make sense of it all.This is a movie that begins with the epigraph, “Chaos is order yet undeciphered” (a line from José Saramago’s , the novel on which the movie is based).Though the movie may appear inexplicable at first, this epigraph suggests that we can make some sense of it, some order, if we just know how it can be deciphered. In an interview with the has been billed as an erotic thriller and a doppelganger movie—and it is both those things—I think ultimately it’s a parable about what it’s like to live under a totalitarian state without knowing it.There are subtle clues about what’s going on in the city from the very beginning.We see low-angle shots lingering on the streetcar wires that make them look like spider webs: Anthony gets into a fight in the car with Adam’s girlfriend Mary (Mélanie Laurent)—“You don’t think I’m a man?It’s an When we meet our hero, Adam Bell, he is lecturing about the ways that totalitarian states keep the people down.

The Romans used entertainment, he reminds us, “bread and circuses.” This recalls the opening scene of the movie, which takes place at a sex show. Anthony, Adam’s twin, goes to these shows (we can distinguish the two because Anthony wears a wedding ring), and we later learn from his doorman that men will do anything to see them.

Anthony’s profession also allies him with the entertainment industry—he’s an actor.

Adam, on the other hand, doesn’t much like entertainment.

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They brought out the full farce of their acting one might say!