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Of course we understand that while businesses want to reduce overall cost they do not want to waste time with compatible Lexmark printer cartridges supplies that are not up to the job.There have been many instances of manufacturers of compatible Lexmark inks in the past whose compatible Lexmark ink cartridges have not come up to scratch when compared to the original Lexmark printer ink cartridges.

Technology is a source of support and communication as well as tension, and couples say it has both good and bad impacts on their relationships.

Because of our experience in the ink cartridge industry we are confident that our Lexmark ink will last longer, cost less and print just as clearly as all ink for Lexmark. We are so proud of our Lexmark printer ink cartridges, that we offer 10% off after your first Lexmark printer cartridge purchase so that you can continue to enjoy our Lexmark ink product and at an even greater price reduction.

Internet Ink's compatible range of Lexmark ink cartridges are a sound investment for any individual or business as this cost effective means of office supply guarantees you equal if not up to treble the amount of prints from your original Lexmark printer ink cartridge.

This has given compatible Lexmark printer ink cartridges a bad name in the past, but when you consider we offer our Lexmark printer cartridges for as little as 75% of the original Lexmark ink cartridge product price and guarantee their quality output, there are few reasons not to buy.

Having created the perfect copy of the original Lexmark ink for our Lexmark ink cartridge, we went about using re-manufactured materials for the compatible Lexmark printer cartridge itself.

Funai acquired more than 1,500 inkjet patents, Lexmark's inkjet-related research and development assets and tools, all outstanding shares and the manufacturing facility of Lexmark International (Philippines), Inc., and other inkjet-related technologies and assets.

A court victory in 2005 was handed to Lexmark in the case of ACRA v. This case states that Lexmark can enforce the "single use only" policy written on the side of Lexmark printer cartridge boxes sold to certain large customers at a discount, with the understanding that the customers will return the cartridges to Lexmark after using them.

Such printers incorporated a feature that would require authentication from a microchip within the ink/toner cartridge in order to function; this was designed to prohibit users from refilling the cartridges.

However, a recent firmware update allowed Lexmark to prevent end users from refilling ink cartridges or using third-party ink cartridges.

Our research into inks used in Lexmark printer cartridges and other big brands suggests a universal ink that is used in every original cartridge including Lexmark printer cartridge products.

This discovery helped us to substantiate our compatible Lexmark ink product range and ensure that all of our range of compatible Lexmark inks in our complete Lexmark printer cartridge products would produce prints of equal quality when compared to the original Lexmark ink cartridges.

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