Charlyne yi michael cera still dating

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[Laughs.] JJ: Michael’s weird enough to say yes in a good way.CY: Yeah, I think he’s a big fan of Andy Kaufman and stuff, so I think he was very excited with the idea.

And I’m like, “Dude, my phone has a camera.” And he’ll like— CY: Shrink. [Laughs.] JJ: It’s literally just us with a phone camera, and he’s like, “Yeah, I don’t know, I don’t like it.” AVC: Was that part of the original pitch, to have an actor play Nick?

CY: Yeah, I mean, we had a list of young actors we were trying to envision…

how would the story go if Jonah Hill played the part?

But then the credits roll, “Nick Jasenovec played by Jake Johnson” appears onscreen, and the whole thing starts to seem fishy. But then at the end, it says “Nick Jasenovec played by Jake Johnson.” So it’s not like we were totally fooling them. CY: Well, I didn’t sit around eating hamburgers all day.

JJ: We didn’t want people leaving and then still being like, “What’s going on? Originally, I was curious about love, and I was a bit skeptical myself.

And I met people with awesome stories, and I was like: “There’s so many movies about love that are fiction, what if we made a movie actually capturing true-love stories?

” And I came to Nick Jasenovec with the idea, and he was like, “Oh, you should be on camera, because you’re skeptical, and it’d be funny to see it through your eyes.” I was like, “I don’t know about that.” “Oh, what if you fell in love? ” One, I’m really uncomfortable to be on camera, and two, I don’t know about dating in front of a camera for the purpose of a documentary. I was like, “That was awesome.” [Laughs.] JJ: There’s a certain cheesiness that I think Jasenovec wanted to…

CY: Yes and no, but I think yes in terms of, if we were making a straight documentary. I don’t think it takes away from it, because we were very aware that we were making a film that wasn’t going to be spontaneous.

But knowingly we were making a movie, and kind of seeing it as “This is a movie with ‘boy meets a girl,’ there is a structure to it, and there’s an outline to it.” And that’s not where the spontaneity was going to come from, except for the improv. Even though there was so much spontaneous stuff that happened.

We shot over 300 hours of footage of just improv-ing scenes, and hopefully that would somehow contribute to the story.

JJ: And we didn’t have a script, we just had an outline, so all the scenes—we wouldn’t ever really know where it was going.

Along the way, Yi meets Jasenovec’s friend Michael Cera, and romance ensues. We didn’t tell anybody to do anything, we didn’t stage any of the bits. CY: Well, originally it was going to start off as a documentary, and then we kind of came up with the idea of creating this fictional thing.