Best dating advice books

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Best dating advice books

And be particularly wary of advice that says “all” men are like this or “all” women are like that. Everyone, and everything, must be treated on a case-by-case basis. Arm yourself with all the information you possibly can, and then act according to the situation. Relationship advice books aren’t the only books that can help you with your love life.

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I started reading dating and relationship advice books from the age of 11, which I’m sure sounds extremely young, but that’s when I started liking boys. I have it on my bookshelf, covered in clear contact, and will never part with it. It’s basically about cutting the BS, the games and the pretense, and getting yourself into a real, loving relationship.

I was terribly curious, and reading about boys was far preferable to experimenting with them, where I could learn from a safe distance in the comfort of my Laura Ashley-decorated bedroom. ) It wasn’t long before the teddy bears, board games and My Little Ponies were replaced by Girlfriend, Dolly, Cosmo, CLEO, the entire Sweet Valley Twins series (which I still have in mint condition – surely they’re worth something by now) and a collection of self-help books that indulged my boy-mad brain. You can still purchase one called Girltalk but, sadly, I think , by Barbara De Angelis. That’s not to say there was absolutely NOTHING to take away from The Rules but, on the whole, it preached a fairly disastrous approach to dating. My adoration for Barbara De Angelis continued into another one of her books, This is a great book for when you’re finally IN a relationship and want some guidance as to whether or not it’s likely to last.

From traditional to unique, our 10 Best Dating Books are filled from cover to cover with quality tips for improving your love life.

These are page turners you won’t be able to put down.

I think one of the best lessons you can learn in relationships, and life, is to know when to move on from something that’s not meant to be. And guess what – he signed all three of my books when I met him, and the incomparable Janeane Garofalo, after a stand-up comedy gig at the Sydney Opera House. The last relationship advice book I read, which was a couple of years ago now, was , by Lori Gottlieb.

I’d also recommend Greg’s other books, (the absolute dating bible). Published in 2010, this is a good one for women who are too picky – or, more specifically, picky about the wrong things.What dating and relationship advice books would you recommend, and why? If you liked this article, you’ll love being an email subscriber!It’s FREE and you’ll receive a special bundle of goodies in your inbox for subscribers only, which includes the raciest piece I’ve ever written.Social Clout: 17,876 likes, 6,408 followers URL: Bragging Rights: Simply the truth Published in 2004, “He’s Just Not That Into You” is a self-help book of sorts aimed at single women.The premise is if he isn’t making an effort, he’s simply “just not that into you.” A New York Times bestseller that was featured on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” the book spawned a 2009 film of the same name.Take it as a flashing neon sign that he’s not “The One”, and move on.