Become more intimidating

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The good news is that there are some self help methods in which a meek person can learn to use intimidation when the need arises.

For these people being intimidating as a result of a situation in which it is called for can be very difficult.

You also might’ve had critical or rejecting caregivers, peers, teachers or neighbors; you find anyone who reminds you of those relationships to be intimidating, she said.

Hanks often hears clients talk about loved ones as intimidating — anyone from a spouse to an in-law.

“We have the power to shift our perceptions, our thoughts and our beliefs intentionally and deliberately.

When we do, our emotional reactions begin to change, and we experience a greater sense of control and power over our lives.”And, again, as Hanks said above, remember that you deserve to have a voice when interacting with anyone.

“No matter who you are, your value is equal to the person with whom you are interacting, and you deserve to have a voice.”4. Many of us find doctors, professors and others in prominent or powerful positions to be intimidating.

Wingert suggested thinking of yourself as their boss. See if this causes a different pattern of thoughts and feelings to emerge when you think of this person.”5. “The next time you are going to interact with your ‘intimidator,’ try imagining him or her wearing a clown nose or diapers and a baby bonnet or a bunny costume,” Wingert said.So if you’re just starting to act assertively, she said, it helps to start small.Instead of being assertive with your boss or parent, practice with less challenging people in your life, she said.“You say yes when you mean no, which leads to resentment and a sense that you’re invisible.This can lead to feeling depressed and devalued.”It might be harder for you to be assertive because you fear “being challenged, shamed, ignored, disregarded or socially excluded,” Hanks said.Obviously, it should go without saying that none of the things you demand of the people you are in authority over should be unreasonable or cruel.