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Our desire is to give individuals a basic template of magickal training and celebratory practices with the option of “specializing” their focus into specific training programs once they become an Initiate.

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This project and the collection of resources will be an on-going, evolving venture. Shopmaker Endowed Professor at the University of Missouri-St. Most days I simply sit down at my computer and write, with no specific topic in mind. I slam the gas pedal to the floor and refuse to let up.My inspiration seems to come from what I’m feeling at that exact moment in time. I know the consequences, but that’s not to say I like them. Oh, how I wish I could take the time to look after myself as so many have advised. Some have told me that I must “put on my oxygen mask first, before tending to others” and I get that.While we have started with maps from the colonial era, naturalization records from the turn of the century, and narratives from the most populous refugee group of the 2000s (Bosnians), we recognize that we are missing a lot, from the settlement of Italians, Germans, and Irish, to inter-state African-American migration. Its creation has been supported by Springboard; Dr. Louis; and the Center for International Studies Resource Library.Our hope is that this website becomes a living resource. The work was inspired by a related project created by Sarah Coppersmith and supported by the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Program.Our students are taught under a 13-phase template of esoteric topics developed with our Elder Mother—who considers Gryphon Song to be one of her direct lineage teaching traditions.

We are structured as a five level initiatory program and build on each of the 13 core areas at each level of study.

On June 12th, 2016 Our Elder Mother – Lady Rhea crossed to the Summerlands.

We have dedicated a page to her on our site called We incorporate some of the ways of the older Family Tradition as well as other esoteric paths.

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Knowledge was originally passed down in a hereditary fashion.

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