Are you and louis dating

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Are you and louis dating - live online cam4 aunty

However, it seems like they kept in touch and are now officially back together!The love story is super cute especially since they basically grew up together. Not only that but Louis' lawyer released a statement that referred to Eleanor as his girlfriend as well.

Louis got into an altercation with a paparazzi who was trying to take photos of them together. Eleanor was getting attacked by two other girls which led Louis to strike one of them. There's a video of the incident where Louis can be heard saying, "Excuse me what is happening here? And that is the fact that Louis had a girl by his side that he has loved for a very long time.If an Instagram user types the name 'Larry' into the comments section on one of Louis' posts it will show up just to that user but not publicly.Fans have noticed this rather quickly since it has become the norm to comment that particular name.The fandom has gone so far as to say that Louis' son, Freddie Tomlinson isn't real and just another cover up for this relationship.Harry sent fans into a frenzy a couple of weeks ago when a follower reportedly direct messaged him asking Hazza to send an emoji if 'Larry' was real. Even if the guy has been in a relaysh since forever — like Elounor!

— we can’t help but think that we’d be perf for Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn or Harry.(Larry obviously being the ship name for these two – in case you missed it.) AND Harry sent a green shamrock emoji back..the madness!But, it seems like Louis is officially fed up with the rumor.He may have been arrested, but he acted the way he did to protect Eleanor.Obviously, this is, even more, evidence that they are dating again.Only time will tell if this relationship is the real deal.

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