Americans dating paris

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Americans dating paris

His friend and neighbor, Adam Cook (Oscar Levant), is a struggling concert pianist who is a longtime associate of a French singer, Henri Baurel (Georges Guétary).At the ground-floor bar, Henri tells Adam about his cultured girlfriend.

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Roughly a month later and after much courting, Lise abruptly runs off when she and Jerry arrive by taxi at his apartment.Songs and music include "I Got Rhythm", "I'll Build A Stairway to Paradise", " 'S Wonderful", and "Love is Here to Stay".The climax of the film is "The American in Paris" ballet, a 17-minute dance featuring Kelly and Caron set to Gershwin's An American in Paris.When Jerry complains to Adam, he is shocked to realize that both Henri and Jerry are involved with the same woman.Henri and Jerry discuss the woman they each love, unaware she is the same woman.Jerry and Milo meet at a cafe, and she informs him that a collector is interested in his paintings and she arranged a showing later that day.

Before going to the showing, he goes to the parfumerie where Lise works and she consents to dinner with him.

She does not want to be seen eating with him in public, but they share a romantic song and dance on the banks of the Seine River in the shadows of Notre Dame.

Later, Adam humorously daydreams that he is performing Gershwin's Concerto in F for Piano and Orchestra for a gala audience in a concert hall.

Heading home, Milo tells Jerry he was very rude cavorting with a girl he does not know while in her presence, but he gets out of the car and bids her farewell.

The next day, Jerry calls Lise at her work, but she tells him to never call her again.

He quickly finds out that the "party" is actually a one-on-one date, and tells Milo he has no interest in being a paid escort.