98 updating window

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Windows 2000 will be a big jump for most people that haven't already seen the beta product.

If you decide to perform this option, you can either insert the Windows 2000 CD into your current operating system then choose upgrade, then take the option to clean install, or just boot from the CDROM as described earlier.Windows 2000 does not have an uninstall option, so have a current backup of all data and applications.In the end if everything goes well, you will have a much more s TABLE operating system.Check all applications that you are currently running on your current operating system, and make sure they are Windows 2000 compatible.If they are not, check with the product manufacturer for an upgrade.It will enhance your ability to maintain a s TABLE network, and also enhance the ability to monitor, control, and deploy your client systems.

Before jumping straight into the upgrade, you should do some preplanning.

Installing Windows 2000 as a second operating system gives you the advantages of a clean installation without losing your current setup.

Windows 2000 can successfully dual boot with Windows 98 or Windows NT on FAT, FAT32 or NTFS file systems, and can even share programs and data with the other operating system.

Installing Windows 2000 clean will provide you with the best version of Windows 2000.

It will have a better chance of being more s TABLE.

In conclusion before you upgrade your current operating system to Windows 2000, take the time to plan the upgrade.